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 5 Senior Activities That Promote Independence

It’s a human need to have some control and choice over one’s life — especially as people age and more of life becomes restrictive. So many seniors are unable to do the things they used to with the same level of independence.

Here’s the good news! Autonomy doesn’t have to come to an end as you age. Independence, or, as some researchers call it, “perceived autonomy,” plays a large role in establishing personal well-being and happiness, according to research and psychometric data

Ivy Knoll, an award-winning retirement community in Northern Kentucky, gives you five ways to maintain independence as you age.

1. Join an Independent Living Facility 

You get to live on your own terms with a little help from a professional, trained staff of employees, available 24/7.

All independent living retirement homes offer the freedom to choose one’s daily activities, create your own schedule, and pursue your own goals. 

Our retirement facility gives you the freedom of choice to successfully manage conditions that directly impact the level of day-to-day independence you get to experience:  

  • Active lifestyle choices
  • Dietary options 
  • Tests for hypertension, diabetes, or cholesterol 
  • Medications 

2. Connect with Others and Build Community

One of the best ways for older adults to maintain their autonomy is by staying socially connected with other people. Meaningful connections boost feelings of purpose and belonging. 

Independent living is fundamentally about building community and making connections with fellow residents.

We offer countless daily activities, group and individual programs, and community-wide events. 

3. Focus on Therapy and Fitness

If you need therapeutic intervention to add to your mobility and general functionality, three are plenty of options, from massage and acupressure to outdoor walking therapy in nature.

The less uneasiness that your body feels, the more freedom and autonomy you’ll be able to enjoy.

Alongside physically therapeutic activities, you’ll need to maintain some level of physical fitness.

Ivy Knoll offers seated fitness classes, an outdoor walking club, and individual fitness programs for residents. 

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A large part of having a healthy mind is maintaining a healthy body.

Exercise improves your memory ability, reasoning capabilities, and reaction times.

Improved fitness and bodily health can be maintained by incorporating some minimal changes:

  • 30 minutes (minimum) of daily exercise
  • Try 10-minute increments of exercise (3x a day) 
  • Avoiding smoking or excessive drinking
  • Minimize or eliminate foods with high sugar and fat content 

4. Maintain Mental Agility and Boost Memory

Maintaining your mental prowess and memory as you age involves two major things: exercise and diet.

You have to ensure you’re getting enough Vitamin D (sunlight), Glucose (the brain’s energy source) from low carb, fat, and cholesterol meals, and plenty of B-group vitamins. 

  • Read magazines, books, and newspapers 
  • Develop a new skill or hobby 
  • Learn something new every day
  • Play board games and solve puzzles 
  • Keep engaged with an active social life
  • Watch “question and answer” game shows on TV and play along

What conditions can lead to impaired brain function? 

  • Depression
  • Heart disease 
  • Medications 
  • Poor nutrition 
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Atherosclerosis 
  • Stroke 
  • Diabetes mellitus 
  • Dehydration 

What can be done to help? 

So much research indicates that memory loss is often lifestyle related.

That’s why it is important to maintain a healthy level of exercise even as you get older.

5. Express Yourself and Speak Out

At Ivy Knoll, our residents get to vote for their favorite chef-inspired meals and decide what meals are their “go-to” favorites.

For many older adults, it can feel like their dignity and freedom to make their own choices are being lost. 

We help mitigate those feelings by listening to you and frequently giving you plenty of exciting options when it comes to fun programs and activities, delicious meals, or relaxing outings to the city center, filled with shopping, movies, restaurants, and all sorts of entertainment. 

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