woman helping elderly senior out of bed and into wheelchair

5 Signs It’s Time for Your Senior Parents to Move to Assisted Living

Having a one-to-one conversation with your mom or dad about transitioning into an assisted living home is never easy. But it’s necessary for their long-term health, happiness, and security. 

In today’s post, Ivy Knoll, a retirement home that offers enhanced independent living, including personal and assisted living care, gives you five signs it is time to consider a move to an assisted living facility.

1. Messiness or Hygiene Problems

Are you noticing that your loved one is having a harder time taking care of themselves? Perhaps they no longer bother to wash their hair, brush their teeth or change their clothes. 

In an independent living facility, your daily needs are taken care of. Everything from general maintenance in your apartment to cooking meals and traveling into town for grocery shopping, it’s all covered under one monthly bill payment. 

2. Trouble with Finances

If there are missed payments and late fees from unpaid bills or credit cards, it’s probably better to move into a senior living facility that covers it all, front and back. 

3. Memory Lapses

Forgetfulness comes with aging. But if your parent is frequently forgetting the details on major, important decisions, it’s a sign that they could use some assistance. 

4. Increased Injury or Accidents (Minor or Major)

Minor scrapes, bruises, or semi-frequent falls from a loss of balance, are all indicators that your loved one could benefit from moving into an assisted living facility or an independent living facility that offers similar services through a wide avenue of personal care options from skilled medical providers (CNAs, LPNs, MLTs).  

5. Social Isolation 

There could be entire days when a loved one simply isn’t leaving the house. If he or she has limited mobility, or a lack of energy, leaving the home is a struggle, and so is finding community and social connection. 

Social isolation for seniors is serious, as it can lead to a whole host of other difficulties: 

  • Increased mortality: seniors in communities tend to live longer 
  • Depression: there’s a tendency for sadness, and other comorbidities like heart disease and dementia.
  • Unhealthy behaviors: to cope with isolation, bad habits like smoking, drinking or unhealthy eating could be engaged in.

Granted — Assisted living typically means less independence; but at Ivy Knoll, we offer a custom blend of independent, autonomous living and personal care that’s the perfect fit for your loved one. Residents engage in activities they enjoy and commune with others in the facility and in the larger community. 

Common Fears When Transitioning From Independent to Assisted Living 

Some seniors experience declining health conditions and require additional assistance that independent living cannot provide. One of the best things that they can do is to move to our personal care floor and receive assisted living services. But many family members fear a loved one’s condition might take a turn for the worst if they leave the independent living residence. 

In fact, just the opposite is true. Ivy Knoll personal care services are made to fully support senior residents, addressing their unique physical and psychological needs, and enriching their quality of life. 

The move from independent living to assisted living brings many benefits. It involves consistent health and wellness checkups, hands-on, personalized care, and greater social connectivity with other people. These factors alone brings reclusive and withdrawn senior residents back to life. 

Studies show that seniors who partake in more social interaction ultimately elevate their quality of life. They often return to independent living rejuvenated, renewed and feeling more alive than when they checked in. 

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