senior woman painting a picture in a retirement home

7 Tips for an Active Senior Living Experience

Living in a senior retirement home doesn’t just mean sitting around and waiting it out. Our independent living community in northern Kentucky deeply values an active senior lifestyle. But as we age, staying active becomes a bit more challenging, especially for seniors experiencing limited mobility. Thankfully, there are some fun and simple ways to stay active and healthy during your golden years, regardless of mobility.

In today’s post, Ivy Knoll shares some of the key tips on how to have an active senior living experience. 

Staying Active Means Staying Healthy

If you’re not used to strenuous exercise, start slow and work your way up. Taking light walks around the facility or public park are great options.  

Participate in community-sponsored activities and events that require movement. 

Take a dance class. Ivy Knoll occasionally offers various dance classes to residents. 

Benefits of an Active Lifestyle in Retirement

The benefits of staying active as you age are countless. Staying active, both physically and mentally, can improve your overall quality of life. 

  • Improves mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Prevents cognitive decline and promotes brain health
  • Extends lifespan and promotes physical vitality
  • Establishes and maintains healthy relationships

Resistance Training

Resistance training grows more important as you age. Using small but light hand weights, be it a 2lb, 3lb, or 4lb weight, around the home is a great way to sustain muscle mass and avoid age-related osteoporosis or brittle bones. It helps to promote better balance and to avoid falls. You can even do it sitting down or reclining. 

Volunteer Activities

There are plenty of opportunities to stay active by helping others. Giving to others is deeply satisfying and promotes psychological wellbeing. At Ivy Knoll, we know this. That’s why we offer our independent living residents plenty of opportunities to volunteer in the local community or at our facility. Volunteering can lead to stronger social networks, closer relationships and greater feelings of fulfillment.  

Engage in Social Events 

Even something as routine and everyday as mealtime can be a social event that keeps you engaged and active with other retirees. Ivy Knoll also offers plenty of field days for all residents interested in taking an excursion into the city. Social events, especially ones that focus on creative expression, such as painting, promote emotional wellbeing. 

Join Groups for Activities 

Getting involved in community-based activities and events is critical for curbing feelings of isolation and keeping you feeling younger and more vivacious. Even doing community tai chi, yoga, or dance classes makes getting exercise far easier than just going it alone. 

Learn Something New Every Day 

To keep the mind healthy, it’s important to always be learning new things. It could be a language, an instrument, or a technical skill, like making a basic website or woodworking. Our community at Ivy Knoll offers a well-stocked library and plenty of hands-on classes to help residents learn new skills. Residents rave about our monthly cooking classes.

The activities that can promote physical and mental wellness are boundless.   


At Ivy Knoll, we offer the Green Thumb Club, where residents can garden and use fruits and vegetables in their home cooked meals. Something as simple as bending down to plant or pot flowers can be enough to keep your stress levels down, burn calories, increase flexibility, range of mobility and lower the risk of dementia, or the chances of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Walk Daily

Choosing to walk when you can is a great way to stay fit. If something is about a block away and doesn’t really require driving, consider walking. Stairs and steps are also great options. If mobility isn’t there, you can opt for one of our “get fit while you sit” classes. The Ivy Knoll premises offer plenty of tranquil, natural walking paths that promote positive feelings of rest and wellness. 

Find an Active Living Experience at Ivy Knoll

Choose an open, spacious and beautiful apartment from one of our independent living floor plan options. Ivy Knoll is an award-winning retirement home that gives ample opportunities for an active living senior experience. Contact us to learn more about our independent living facilities and book your tour today!