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Best Things to Do for Seniors in Covington KY

If you’re thinking about retiring near Covington, Kentucky, and are looking for fun senior attractions and activities around the city, there are plenty of options for seniors and retirees in the area. 

Our independent living residents enjoy taking eventful excursions into town and exploring what the city has to offer. 

In today’s blog, Ivy Knoll offers up a list of the top attractions for seniors in Covington, KY.


Parks, Parks and More Parks 

There are many beautiful, relaxing parks you can walk through. These are scattered throughout Covington, Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio. 

downtown Cincinnati Ohio park

There are plenty of great public parks to choose from, but some of the best include:


Devour Park 

Spacious, lush green, and beautiful, this area offers plenty of paved nature trails to walk on. Get the best view in the city on top of the hill overlooking downtown. Or take a swing at the 18-hole golf course nestled in Devour Park, just a few minutes from downtown Covington. 


George Rogers Clark Park 

Located right on the Ohio River, you can sit on a park bench and take in the scenic view of downtown skyscrapers. Feed the waterfowl some breadcrumbs and admire the riverwalk sculptures stationed throughout the area. 


Pioneer Park 

It spans over 43 acres and is located just off the KY 17 highway. It’s home to many sports courts, pavilions, and walking areas. 


George Steinford Park 

This is known as the Sixth Street Promenade, and isn’t so much a park, as it is a divider separating West 6th Street from Mainstrasse Village, a popular outdoor shopping area. The park is also home to the locally famous “Goose Gall Fountain.” 


Behringer-Crawford Museum

Spend your day strolling through the Behringer-Crawford Museum and witness several local historical exhibits and model trains. Art pieces span from topics of archeology, steamboats, folk art, and Civil War sites. 


If you’re interested in venturing outside of Covington, just across the river, Cincinnati’s Taft Museum of Art is a stone’s throw away.


Newport Aquarium 

The Newport Aquarium showcases a wide variety of amphibious creatures, from eels, sharks, and turtles to stingrays and octopuses, you’ll be able to walk through an encircled space, watching fish swim above you and around you. A visit to the aquarium offers a fun break from in-house senior activities. 


Florence Shopping Mall 

Peruse and shop around at Covington’s largest mall. It offers many family events and activities. It’s a great weekend stop for seniors who want to shop, people watch, eat out, or watch a movie in the theater. 


Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption

Visit the beautiful cathedral and take in the amazing Gothic architectural design that was officially completed in 1915. Well-lit stained glass windows, as well as the vaults, columns, and walls of the nave, serve to move and inspire any observer. It’s well worth a visit, especially a short trip outside of the retirement home. 


Ivy Knoll Hosts Many Fun Senior Activities and Outings

At the Ivy Knoll independent retirement community, we love staying active, engaged, and energetic, offering a wide array of choices to our residents who wish to explore the city’s many exciting attractions with short trips and excursions.


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