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Independent Living FAQs

There are plenty of questions about independent living communities. At Ivy Knoll, we have answers. 

Why Choose Ivy Knoll Independent Living in Northern Kentucky? 

At Ivy Knoll, our goal is to take the stress off your back and give you your life back. With aging parents, it’s difficult to keep up with your normal, everyday duties on top of a parent’s issues, whether it’s bathing, dressing, medications, or anything else.

It’s a lot to keep track of. The Ivy Knoll staff works to make sure it’s all covered. We treat your family like our family, giving them community, purpose, and connection to live a quality life.

How much does it cost? 

$3,150 for independent living and $3,600 for personal care. House maintenance, medical assistance, and housing costs are all lumped together in a single payment plan. 

What payment options are available? 

Check, card, or wire, we also accept Aid & Attendance (VA benefit). 

Does Medicare cover the cost of independent living? 

No. Ivy Knoll is a private pay company.

Are senior living expenses tax deductible?

No, they are not. Some long-term insurances cover living expenses as a reimbursement. Unlike independent living homes, residents in a continuing care retirement community can get tax deductions from their monthly fees. 

Is independent living the right fit for me? 

Seniors who have medical needs but can still function independently on the majority of tasks, but occasionally need reminders or help with everyday tasks are the best fit.

What is life like in an independent living community?

There are typically communal areas where residents can gather for socializing, eating meals, and participating in events and activities, and private areas for alone time. 

What’s the difference between a 55+ community and independent living? 

Independent living offers the peace of mind of knowing that you can have additional help and assistance, whereas a 55+ community is for anyone that is 55 years or older. 

What happens when independent living residents need more care and assistance? 

We offer aging-in-place options in our community. Residents don’t have to uproot and leave their homes if they require more care. 

Our in-house nurse specialists and visiting doctors provide weekly checkups and will move a resident to a personal care floor or, if absolutely necessary, into a skilled nursing facility (SNF). 

Some of our seniors will temporarily rotate out of independent living, into assisted living, and back into their original home once they’ve fully healed from an accident. 

How do I talk to mom and dad about moving them to an independent living facility? 

Be upfront and honest, list your concerns, be it their ability to: prepare meals, bathe safely, take medications, perform daily chores, and more. 

Discuss issues of safety and vulnerability that come with living alone, and the benefits of living in a community. 

How do you know it’s time to move to a retirement community? 

It’s a challenging decision to make.  Loneliness is a major factor in senior mortality. If your loved one is more and more isolated, moving to a place where they can make social connections is the best choice. 

At Ivy Knoll, it’s not just a place to retire, it’s a vibrant and active community that offers weekly activities and family programming to build strong relationships and support a quality of life. 

How do I choose the right independent living community? 

At Ivy Knoll, we ask you questions to find out what your needs are and what the best fit is for you. 

  • Schedule a tour of the property 

  • Interview with a licensed care specialist to determine your needs

  • Research the area, neighborhood, and city and gather online reviews

Can I bring my car? 

Yes. We have parking available. We also have a shuttle bus and other transportation services for residents who wish to go grocery shopping or take excursions into town. 

Can I bring my pet? 

Yes. We’re a pet-friendly community. 

What types of independent living residences are available? 

We offer a one-bedroom apartment or studio. Both have similar square footage. 

What amenities do independent living facilities have? 

We offer a multi-media room, chapel, workout room, hair salon, general store, and a wide range of activities and programs. 

What dining options are available? 

We have a restaurant-style dining area where residents enjoy 3 hot meals a day with multiple menu options. 

What programs or activities are available?

Like most independent living facilities, Ivy Knoll has a calendar list full of individual and community-centered programs and activities that residents can participate in.

  • Bingo
  • Knitting
  • Golfing
  • Gardening
  • Cooking class
  • Reading
  • Community games
  • And so much more.

What if I don’t know anyone? 

The great part of independent living is being able to meet and visit with friendly neighbors, wave, and say hello. 

Ivy Knoll prides itself in fostering community. You’re sure to be invited to attend community events and activities and make some friends in the process. 

My kids are young. Can I bring them to visit family? 

Yes! Ivy Knoll is very family-oriented. It’s why we host programs and activities that support and integrate residents’ families all year long.

During what hours are home tours available?

We schedule within working business hours during the week. To request a care coordinator give you a tour of the available apartments, send us message online or call.


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