senior woman looking at her retirement home invoice paperwork

Independent Living vs Nursing Home Care

senior woman looking at her retirement home invoice paperwork

Making the right choice isn’t always easy. But having the right knowledge helps. As a parent ages, it’s important to find the right retirement home that fits their unique needs. The choice between independent living and a nursing home could come down to a difference in cost, medical needs, programs or amenities, or the overall vibe of the retirement community. 

Ivy Knoll, an independent living facility located in northern Kentucky, explains the benefits and drawbacks of nursing homes versus independent living facilities. 

Should I choose a Nursing Home or Independent Living Facility? 

The choice is clear: If your loved one is struggling with daily living activities (like dressing, bathing, and eating), they’ll need skilled nursing care or assisted living. 

However… If they’re fine on their own, an independent living facility or a 55+ retirement living space is the best option. 55+ homes offer no additional medical care. Ivy Knoll’s independent living community offers various levels of personal care that serve as a bridge between independent and assisted living. 

However, unlike 55+ retirement homes, an independent living facility still offers low-level medical aid from professionally trained staff and can even offer a bit more intensive care for unique conditions. 

This medical assistance often comes in the form of optional personal care services or assisted living services. 

Cost of Independent Living vs. Nursing Home 

It depends on the location. Independent living facilities cost between $1,500 to $4,000 a month, everything included (rent, utilities, meals, transportation, and medical care). 

Nursing care facilities cost between $3,500 to $10,000 a month, depending on the area. 

Taking into account the rising cost of living, increasing healthcare expenses, and nationwide mortgage crisis that is impacting housing costs, Ivy Knoll offers one of the most affordable senior living centers in Northern Kentucky.

Nursing Homes vs Independent Living in Northern Kentucky 

The Tri-State area, including Covington, Cincinnati, and other surrounding metros, offers quite a lot of choices when it comes to retirement homes. Your choice will ultimately come down to how extensive your health needs are and to what level you require assistance with ADLs. 

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Here are some core differences between SNF and independent living facilities to consider. 

Payment Differences. 

  • Nursing homes allow for Medicaid, Medicare, and Veteran Benefits to be used as methods of payment. 
  • Independent living facilities often only allow private pay options. There are many veteran benefits that help to pay the rent as well. 

Family Involvement. 

  • Independent living facilities thrive on family engagement where grandchildren and extended family are invented over to attend community events, socials, and get-togethers. 
  • Nursing homes are not explicitly family-oriented in their design. Families have the option to visit residents. 

Community Design. 

  • Independent living is purposefully designed to support community and belonging with a monthly calendar packed with a full list of activities, both individual and group-oriented. 
  • Nursing homes are designed to create safe places for individuals, which includes a secure building with 24/7 medically-trained staff available to cater to the needs of their residents. 

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