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Independent Senior Living Activities

When people think of senior living communities, most don’t think of activities like cooking classes, golfing, or trips to the city. However, residents at Ivy Knoll get the support they need to stay active and have fun! 

People of any age need to stay busy with fulfilling activities to combat depression and isolation and to remain independent. The need for self-sufficiency is even more necessary as we age. 

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We’ve reviewed the senior living activities for Ivy Knoll residents that allow them to stay independent and have fun while doing so! 

Enjoy a Field Day 

Our residents enjoy weekend excursions in Covington and nearby the Cincinnati metro area. With endless options to do whatever activity you feel up to, it’s easy to fill your day with fun. 

From restaurants and casinos to relaxing parks and museums, we offer something for everybody. In the Cincinnati area alone, residents can enjoy visiting: 

When taking a field day, our team handles planning and transportation issues so that you or your loved one can focus on enjoying their day! Having Ivy Knoll staff on site also provides safety and companionship while out and about. 

Take Part in Community Programs 

We offer community-minded events throughout the year where family and friends can visit and socialize. 

With summer approaching, residents and their families can enjoy BBQ cookouts and a carnival, which is especially fun for grandchildren to play and visit. During Mother’s and Father’s Day, families are invited to enjoy food and drinks at Ivy Knoll.

In December, our annual “Breakfast with Santa” is another family-friendly event for visitors to have fun in our community. 

Aside from seasonal events, we offer a variety of events for residents to enjoy. We host a recurring class, Cooking with Megan, where you can learn new recipes made from fresh and local ingredients. 

For gardening enthusiasts, the Green Thumb Club encourages residents to get outside and relax in our on-site garden. After tending the garden, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. Herbs and vegetables grown right here are used in the kitchen to create fresh and delicious dishes! 

Staying Active and Engaged

Staying engaged in various relaxing and physical activities is exceptionally beneficial for our physical and mental health. Residents at Ivy Knoll can engage in a variety of senior living activities. 

You and your family member can stay engaged by participating in ice cream socials, visiting our library, watching something new in our on-site movie theater, or simply visiting with other residents, friends, and family. 

We believe in staying connected mentally and spiritually, so residents can participate in Bible clubs, play board games, or find the time to enjoy their hobbies or discover new ones.

Physical activity is another crucial component of staying active as we age. Ivy Knoll residents can get outdoors, take walks at nearby parks, or attend our on-site wellness programs. We also encourage social and physical activities like our Seniors Walking Club or playing a round of golf with your friends! 

Our fitness center’s recurring Fit While You Sit program provides low-impact exercises where residents can receive fitness instruction on their upper body while seated. 

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Stay Active at Ivy Knoll Retirement Community in Covington, KY

We believe in and encourage staying busy and healthy as you age. For more information on the various activities offered, contact us or call us at 859-491-3800.