Creative Programs at Ivy Knoll

Family-centric and community-minded, each creative program is tailored to promote our core values. We host fun events all year long where friends and family can visit, socialize and bond. 

Mother’s & Father’s Day is for quality family fun: drinks, food and socializing abound. Christmas is when we host our annual “Breakfast with Santa” event, where families come by and eat breakfast with Santa. And in the hot summertime weather, we host a big carnival and bbq cookout, where grandchildren are invited to come to play. October is the time to dress up and win great prizes in our costume competition. There’s no shortage of yearly activities to be enjoyed at Ivy Knoll. 

Cooking with Megan is where residents learn how to cook different types of meals using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. 

The Green Thumb Club is a resident favorite. Seniors can relax and recharge by cultivating our on-site garden. We even use herbs and vegetables from our community garden to cook flavorful, nutritious meals.

Ivy Knoll resident and employee doing a finger painting exercise
Ivy Knoll community event with grandchildren at senior carnival activity
Ivy Knoll carnival event with mom smiling next to grandmother in wheelchair

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Ivy Knoll offers plenty of amazing features to keep you busy, healthy and vibrant through your elderly years. We look forward to having you join our community. Contact us for more information about our floor plans, availability and cost.