Home Style Dining Meals

It’s not just another retirement luncheon cafeteria. At Ivy Knoll, you get a restaurant-style dining experience. Just tell your waiter or waitress what you want and get a homestyle meal prepared by our licensed chef. 


Delicious Restaurant Style Meals

Delicious meals are part of a great quality of life. That’s why we offer our residents excellent homestyle, restaurant-quality meals. We create great presentations, with well-set dining tables in comfortable, open-concept spaces. We make our meals from scratch, using fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. 


Creative Culinary Events

Cooking with Megan is a fun class where residents learn to make friendship bread, homemade salsa, ice cream and other fun things. As a member of Ivy Knoll, you’ll get involved in a wide variety of creative culinary events where you can learn more about cooking, and other useful skills.


Diverse Customizable Cuisines

We cook a diverse array of meals, delicious dishes from around the world, from Mexican and Italian, to American food classics, like fried chicken, green beans and mashed potatoes. Our residents get to choose the meals they want. If you love a meal and think it’s outstanding, the chef can focus on making similar dishes.


Our chef comes from an Italian restaurant and makes compelling plates like hot, welcoming soups, and herby stuffed mushroom and eggplant parmesan dinners.


Fresh Local Ingredients 

Our chef loves taking inspiration from a variety of locally-sourced ingredients from great vendors. The private garden at Ivy Knoll is where most ingredients come from. Residents get to actively engage and collaborate in any aspect of living they want, including how their meals are prepared. 

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