open floor plan to an independent retirement apartment

What to Look for in a Senior Living Facility

When mom and dad get old enough to no longer live in their home, but also don’t need a nursing home or an assisted living space, an independent living retirement community is the next best choice. But how do you choose the best facility? 

In today’s post, Ivy Knoll shares the top qualities to look for in a great independent living facility, before you make this major life transition. 

Top Qualities of a Great Independent Living Facility

Social Activities

Good retirement communities are active, healthy, and engaged. They seek to give seniors plenty of choices for staying productive, inspired, and active. Ivy Knoll’s independent living residents are spoiled for choice when it comes to fun activities, local trips, relaxing nature walks and more. 

Great Meals

Having access to clean, healthy and delicious foods at a retirement facility is a no-brainer. Either having great food on-site, or living near a grocery store with a variety of options is important. At Ivy Knoll, we have chef-made meals, delivered in a restaurant-style setting, giving residents delicious and nutritious meals that not only taste great but keep you healthy. 

Proximity to Cafes, Restaurants and Venues

Great independent living homes should be near a few nice venues that allow for fun, if not occasional, outings. It might mean a movie theatre, outdoor cafe, golf course, or something different. Living at Ivy Knoll means you’re not far away from most things in the city of Covington.

Excellent, Friendly and Helpful Staff

Retirement communities thrive thanks to a dedicated, helpful, and compassionate staff of nurses, cooks, custodians and more. Read the reviews. Is there high turnover? When going through a scheduled tour of the premises, don’t just look at the patients, but look at the staff. Are they happy, on-edge, or disgruntled? 

Welcoming Atmosphere

Getting old naturally comes with its own set of limitations, including a tendency towards isolation. Having a welcoming atmosphere and a sense of community is integral to having a quality life in one’s golden years. Ivy Knoll makes the community and one’s individual purpose a priority for those who stay here.

Nearness to a Hospital

The older you get, the more important it becomes to have easy access to healthcare services. The hospital needs to be a stone’s throw away, should any emergency arise. Thankfully, Ivy Knoll’s beautiful living spaces are located south of Highway 71, near St. Elizabeth Covington Hospital. 

Good Location

Perhaps more important than choosing a room with a great view, is choosing a safe area to live in and a stable economy. Because typically, with a fixed income, you want your dollar to stretch further. 

Ivy Knoll has just that, located in a beautiful, stable, and safe area of Covington, KY. Our residences have 24/7 security, great LED lighting, and a personal emergency alarm system for each resident. 

Find Independent Living Options at Ivy Knoll

Ivy Knoll is a top-rated retirement community in Covington, KY., featuring excellent assisted and independent living options, with beautiful, spacious layouts and comfortable amenities for seniors to live well. Contact us to learn more about our independent living facilities and how you can schedule a tour.